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Fort Modular Helps Critter Care Wildlife Society with Off-site Modular Renovation

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Critter Care Wildlife Society, a non-profit society that cares for wild animals, required renovations to their modular classroom located at their site in Southeast Langley.

The challenge, however, was that most modular construction companies do not travel to a building site for renovations, as modular construction is typically completed in the factory. In addition, most construction contractors do not fully comprehend the requirements of modular construction. In the majority of cases, modular units would have to be shipped to the factory for construction work to be performed.

Fort Modular recognized that shipping a modular unit in this instance would be unnecessarily costly and impractical. So instead of business as usual, Fort Modular offered to help the Critter Care Wildlife Society with their modular classroom renovation by transporting staff and materials to the building location.


“I know that you don’t normally work off site and I really did not know who to go to next to get this job done. So I sincerely thank you for taking on the job of refurbishing our school. It looks amazing. Ray and your staff were so good.”

—Gail Martin, Founder/Executive Director, CRITTER CARE WILDLIFE SOCIETY 

The modular building renovation project included a new roof, new exterior cladding, and new windows. To learn more about this project and off-site modular renovation, contact Fort Modular at or call 604.381.FORT (3678).

To learn more about the Critter Care Wildlife Society visit or call 604-530-2054 or email The Critter Care Wildlife Society is located in Campbell Valley Regional Park at 481 216th Street, Langley, B.C. V2Z 1RS