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Fort Modular now holds BC largest, locally and privately-owned Manufacturing Capacity

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Fort Modular now holds BC’s largest, locally and privately-owned, modular building manufacturing capacity in the province. A number of recent developments have led to this milestone. With the acquisition of a new 35,000 square foot facility in Aldergrove in September 2020 (combined with the acquisition of a 6-acre site in the Okanagan in 2018), plus the now permanent closure of Metric Modular (formerly Britco Construction) in Agassiz in June 2020, Fort Modular now holds the largest locally and privately-owned modular manufacturing facility in Southern BC.

Fort Modular has since acquired some assets from Metric Modular, further expanding its capability as a manufacturer of modular buildings, affordable housing, site office trailers, and steel container offices.

In May 2017, Metric Modular, a Triple M Modular company, had bought out Britco Construction, another Langley-based modular building manufacturer. Britco Construction and Britco Structures was a well-known name in the industry, with over 40 years of experience in modular construction, with facilities in Penticton and Agassiz.

Triple M Housing, a Lethbridge-based company, rebranded Britco Construction as Metric Modular, which ultimately failed with the company’s insolvency and court-ordered sale in June 2020.  The rentals division was purchased by the Black Diamond Group, an Alberta-owned company.  With Atco Trailers and Horizon North both as Alberta-owned companies, this leaves Fort Modular as the last BC-owned facility with the largest manufacturing capacity in Southern BC.