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Fort Modular — Incorporation of a New Company

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After working more than 20 years in the Modular Building industry, principals Mark Depedrina and Bryan Depedrina decided to launch their own business, and in February 2013 they incorporated a new company: Fort Modular Inc.

The venture into creating this new company was inevitable.  Their father pioneered the industry dating as far back as the 1970s.   Mark and Bryan grew up participating in the growth, development and success of their father’s business.   At working age, they became employees of an international modular building manufacturer.   With more than 20 years under their belt, they learned everything there is to know about the industry.  And they saw opportunities for improvement.  Companies wanted  low cost and a short turn-around, without compromising on quality.  

With their extensive experience, Mark and Bryan felt they could do much better.  But to do so, they realized that they needed to start their own company.  They left their employer and then in February 2013, they incorporated Fort Modular.

Within a very short time, Mark and Bryan became very busy.  They already had an industry-wide reputation for their dedication and hard-work.  Customers knew that they would get exceptional work and a very competitive cost — on time and on budget.  And as a result, customers are consistently knocking at their door.

Today, the company has several office employees, and employs a large group of construction specialists in a variety of trades, providing clients with new, used and renovated buildings at competitive costs.


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