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World-famed Cavalia picks Fort Modular Buildings

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Cavalia_8108Fort Modular is thrilled to have been chosen by the world-famed Cirque du Soleil creators of Cavalia, providing temporary modular office buildings and communal space for their Vancouver Odysseo show staff and performers.

Cavala Inc. is renting several large modular buildings with multiple offices, communal meeting space, and a board room, as well as several steel container offices as private office space for key staff.

All of the units are bright, clean, with windows and secure doors. Cavalia required a specific layout of equipment within a short time-frame. They choose Fort Modular because they “liked the buildings and layout”, “the price was good”, and Fort Modular was able to “accommodate” their needs and “get the job done.” It was an “easy choice.”

Internationally-renowned CAVALIA presents Odysseo

Created by a co-founder of the famed Cirque du Soleil, Cavalia is a mix of horse and human acrobatics, dance, aerial stunts, and performing arts, combined with state-of-the-art special effects, multimedia, and live music. Touring the world, this production is often labeled as an “equestrian ballet” and an “epic equestrian adventure, transporting the audience into virtual environments.”

Cavalia_horseCavalia’s latest production is the Odysseo show, currently performing in Vancouver at the White Big Top at Olympic Village from January 29 and extended, by popular demand, to March 5, 2017. Known as the world’s largest touring production, Odysseo marries the equestrian arts, stage arts and high-tech theatrical effects at never-before-seen levels, with 48 riders, acrobats, aerialists, and musicians and 65 majestic horses.

Cavalia’s website says, “Odysseo is a show unlike any other on the planet. The audience becomes part of a truly immersive and multi-dimensional experience while the touching interactions between human and horse are at the heart of the action. Layers of mesmerizing decor combined with gravity-defying acrobatic and aerial stunts and the staggering effects created by state-of-the-art scenery makes this immense stage a feast for the eyes.”

Odysseo brings audiences on a tour of some of nature’s greatest wonders without even leaving their seats. The show begins “in a misty, enchanted forest where a herd of horses graze and frolic under a sky of rolling clouds and a setting sun.” Then the audience travels through “the desert and savanna of Africa, the American Southwest, the Northern Lights, an ice cave, verdant fields and Easter Island.”

“To project these breathtaking graphic backdrops on an immense cyclorama the size of three of the largest cinema screens, Odysseo uses projectors as powerful as those illuminating the grandest movie theaters. But whereas a cinema has only one projector, Odysseo uses 18 simultaneously. This live multi-dimensional voyage is a veritable revolution in live entertainment production.”

Global TV calls it “Beautiful, magical, heart-stopping! You will never see anything else like it.” And CBC Radio calls it “A must-see. Magical and mesmerizing!”

Learn more about Cavalia and their latest Odysseo show at Tickets are available online and at the on-site Box Office, or by calling 1-866-999-8111.