Why Modular Construction?

  • Faster project delivery which leads to lower project financing costs and project proforma impacts.
  • Greater upfront cost certainty.
  • Faster occupancy which can provide income faster through rentals.
  • Increased sound proofing between floors and junction walls.
  • Better quality.
  • Eliminates seasonal challenges of snow, winter weather, and reduced daylight.
  • And more!


Installations and Relocations

Whether you’re looking for a full school, a large office building, or a housing complex, permanent modular structures can be designed and constructed with the aesthetics of on-site construction projects. This allows you to get an out-of-the-box custom building that is both appealing and affordable.

On Site Servicing

With custom modular buildings, you can enjoy the benefits of faster build times, stringent quality control, and efficient construction processes. Our climate-controlled factory ensures that materials keep their anticipated quality throughout the building process.

Trusted Modular Building Solutions

Enhanced Efficiency

We utilize an efficient and controlled process for every modular building we construct or renovate. We can construct your building while site preparation is taking place, which will increase the efficiency of your project when compared to conventional construction methods.

Lasting Quality

You should always feel as though you’re getting a high-quality solution when purchasing a modular structure. That’s why we construct every modular building to meet or exceed all relevant codes and standards, ensuring CSA approved quality and reliability in any environment.

The Benefits of Building Modular

Modular buildings are an excellent choice for nearly any situation. Whether you need a single building or an entire complex, you can expect the following benefits when you choose a permanent or portable modular solution:


Purchasing Power

With our purchasing power, we quickly receive the best modular building materials from our suppliers. This further increases efficiency and quality for every structure we manufacture, ensuring that you receive a timely solution you can count on.


    Built to Last

    Our CSA A277-certified modular buildings are constructed to meet or exceed the demands of various industries. This ensures lasting durability and reliability in any environment, allowing you to use your space with total peace of mind for years to come.


    Flexible & Fast

    Modular structures can be designed and constructed to fulfill a variety of purposes. Construction of these buildings also occurs simultaneously with site work, allowing projects to be completed faster than traditional construction.


    Green & sustainable

    The factory-controlled construction process for modular buildings generates less waste and allows for enhanced sustainability. For example, modular buildings can be disassembled and have their components reused, reducing the demand for new materials.

    Delivering Innovative Solutions

    Modular construction methods are innovative and sustainable. The process for each building generates less waste, protects building materials, creates fewer site disturbances, and allows for more efficient construction. This allows for the creation of modern buildings while reducing environmental impact.