Fort Modular is at the forefront of building energy sustainable buildings, and readily designs buildings that fully meet the requirements of the new Energy Code. Fort Modular’s quality control program results in consistent, airtight Energy Code testing results that exceed other conventional stick-built wood frame buildings.
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Why Do Our Customers Prefer Modular?


Faster Project Delivery (by More Than 50%)

With modular buildings, manufacturing occurs alongside site development, allowing for faster project delivery. This faster delivery time makes modular buildings a great choice for hotels and housing as well as crisis response applications. There are also reduced financing requirements and positive project proforma impacts due to reduced site management, equipment rentals, security, lighting, heating, and garbage disposal.


    Consistency and Replicability

    Modular buildings lend themselves well to projects that require uniformity and replication. This includes schools, childcare facilities, hotels, workforce accommodations, student housing, and residential developments.


    Greater Project Certainty

    With greater upfront cost certainty and enhanced schedule certainty, modular buildings offer enhanced client confidence. Additional benefits include reduced project risks and reduced seasonal impacts (weather delays, etc.).


    Greater Quality

    Due to being constructed in a controlled factory environment, there is significantly less moisture content during manufacturing. Our factories are also CSA 277 accredited, requiring strict quality control measures above and beyond traditional construction.


    Better Sound Transmission Ratings

    An added benefit of modular construction assemblies is the significantly improved sound transmission ratings between floors and junction walls.


    Less Site Disruption

    A shortened construction process results in reduced on-site vehicle traffic, parking issues, material deliveries, and construction noise while enhancing public and worker safety.


    Trade Availability

    Modular construction reduces challenges for remote project sites where qualified trades aren’t readily available. It also resolves challenges in busy construction markets where qualified trades aren’t readily available, eliminating overlapping schedule delays and extended project timelines.



    Modular buildings represent a sustainable alternative to traditional construction. They offer significant waste reduction, a reduced carbon footprint, the ability to relocate as needed, and enhanced energy efficiency.


    Contrary to the misconception that modular buildings are limited in design, they can be highly customizable and allow for the incorporation of various architectural styles, finishes, and layouts.

    Why Choose Fort Modular?

    As industry leaders and trusted advisors, Fort Modular offers a collaborative approach to assist with assessing construction methods and preconstruction planning to better ensure project success. Engaging with an experienced modular team early in the process is essential to optimizing the cost and schedule benefits of modular construction.

    Design limitations are a topic that often comes up in discussions. While modular construction has many advantages, it’s restrictions on predefined modular sizes can pose challenges in some circumstances when trying to achieve highly complex or non-standard architectural designs. In these situations, Fort Modular’s team of professionals can assess for a hybrid project approach where the benefits of modular construction are mixed with other construction methods, including panelized, mass timber, or other traditional methods.



    Integration of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems, as well as structural, sprinkler, and building envelope, can be challenging for professionals without previous modular experience. Fort Modular maintains partnerships with select architects, engineers, consultants, subtrades and general contractors to ensure that we can accommodate any the requirements of any project.


    Manufacturing Location

    Manufacturing locations in BC provide easier access to our customers for factory inspections and coordination.


    Transportation Advantage

    We have manufacturing locations in BC and staging areas strategically located in the Okanagan. This means that Fort Modular is uniquely located for lower transportation costs and reduced risks.


    Skilled Workforce

    We utilize an in-house, skilled, and specialized workforce to ensure consistency throughout the project. This is essential for the successful construction of every modular building.

    Modular fabricated buildings can achieve the same code requirements as conventional wood frame construction. Fort Modular’s factory construction benefits from reduced tolerances and from being fabricated in a controlled environment.
    Chad Zyla, Architect, AAA, BFA Associate Principal,S2 Architecture

    Fort Modular Offerings


    • Childcare & Education
    • Commercial & Office
    • Workforce & Student Housing
    • Social and Market Housing
    • Industrial
    • Resource Sector
    • Emergency Response


    • Preconstruction & Project Development
    • Design
    • Manufacturing
    • Transportation
    • Modular Installation
    • General Contracting
    • Modular Relocations & On-Site Servicing